Weekly update 🚶‍♀️February 6-12


This week I felt quite productive compared to previous weeks. The weather is slowly starting to get warmer, days are longer, and I have been feeling more positive about the future. 

I have been taking long walks daily, despite the surroundings being less than ideal: I don't particularly like walking in the city. I miss the solitude of the woods or the countryside, breathing fresh air without cars and people around me. Oh well, hopefully I will be able to do that soon again (if I ever manage to find an apartment in Karlsruhe, which is proving more difficult than expected). 

Finals season is officially here so I am of course stressed out again. My midterm grades were alright, except for one module in which I did worse than I expected (still a pass grade though... but it makes me nervous). 

I have been socially isolating for the past weeks/months. I feel a loneliness that is not easily fixed by hanging out with acquaintances. I am craving a different, deeper kind of relating to others, through community-building activities. I've been researching Karlsruhe in this respect and found quite a few interesting things to do (community kitchen, volunteering in animal shelter) and I'm excited about it. I think big cities are often lacking in this aspect because there are simply too many options around things to do (restaurants, pubs, etc.), whereas in smaller cities people are forced to make up their own ways and activities to connect, which is great for me. I had never lived in a big city before and for some reason I thought it'd be better for me after finding myself suddenly alone in Germany, but it turned out I'm a small town girl after all :)