(Bi)Weekly update 💔 February 20 - March 5


Forgot to post last week so I will try to remember what I have been up to the past couple weeks. 

Lots of life events that shook me. Related, but not directly, there were some small discoveries that made me reconsider some decisions. I had to, once again, make a hard decision that I didn't want to make, but felt like I had no choice (as the other options felt shit and made me feel shit). I am still unsure whether I made the right choice... but action is better than passivity. We will see. There is nothing I would like more than the universe resolving this situation in a positive way, but I am just not hopeful at the time at all. 

Exams weeks as stressful as they can get. My laptop decided to die and refuse to charge, so I had to revive my old machine to get through the next couple of weeks of finals. 

I haven't taken as many walks as I would have liked, but still trying to get at least one good walk each day. Murray has been a bit under the weather, so he's welcomed the little break. 

Apartment hunt is hell. Considering moving back to Frankfurt or nearby just because it's easier overall. Related to "hard decision" above, it might even make more sense to me in the long run. For now, putting it on hold until finals are over and I can think more clearly about it.