Apartment hunt


I decided to post this on my personal blog because my tweets are private and this might help share.

I am looking for a new apartment in on around any of the following cities (other cities nearby might work!):

- Karlsruhe

- Konstanz

- Freiburg

My priorities are:

- Easy access to nature

- Good public transport connections – I don’t mind (in fact prefer) living in the outskirts/nearby villages, but I don’t drive so I need to be able to get into the city with relative ease

- Pets allowed

- Balcony (or ground floor with a garden, if I'm allowed to set up a catio)

- 70 sq m minimum and preferably at least 2 bedrooms

- Built-in kitchen - this is a strong preference but I could compromise for the perfect place :)

My budget is max 1100 EUR warm.

I am looking to move anytime after February, but I am not in a rush. My priority is to find the perfect place for me.

If you hear of anything, get in touch! Danke.