Weekly update 📚 March 6 - 12


I have literally done very little other than :

- studying for finals (and taking the first one on Thursday)

- obsessing over apartment hunt

I have the last two finals next week, so this is going to be my reality for most of next week too. 

My friend C went to see a very beautiful apartment in Wiesbaden on Saturday on my behalf, but I have some questions/doubts... and also don't know if I will be picked anyways. So for now I will leave it up to the gods of real estate. 

Aside from that, I have been taking two long walks each day, and enjoying it very much, but getting bored of the little city circuit I do every time. I don't take another route because everywhere else is just huge streets and lots of cars and people. I sincerely cannot wait to get out of this city. 

It snowed quite a bit this week, but at the same time temperature seems to be warming up a bit... which makes me happy, because spring, but also anxious, because I want to be in my new home by summer.