I have finally made a decision. I want to move to the south of Germany next year. I am looking for apartments in Karlsruhe and Konstanz. I want to be close to nature and Frankfurt, France, and other places, for reasons. If you happen to know of a place, please do let me know :)

I have no preference for a particular city. I just want it to have easy access to nature and be well connected by public transport. I like the woods around that area, and I want proximity to friends who live in the Frankfurt area and nearby countries.

Entirely aware I might regret this :) but I need a change. I crave connection to nature. And there are other factors, like human connections, that also play a part in this decision.

I also want to reduce my expenses so I can find a sustainable way to live in this capitalist society and not die trying. And I am still in a position where I can move around different places until I find what works for me.

In the meantime, I want to enjoy Hamburg while I'm here. And maybe I will come back one day. But right now, I need something else. Not sure what it is but I feel the answer is in the woods.